CURT Extended View Tow Mirror #20002

    CURT Extended View Tow Mirror #20002

    Price: $21.99

    Code: 20002

    Weight: 1.20 pounds

    CURT Extended View Tow Mirror #20002

    The CURT extended view tow mirror does just what its name suggests: it extends your view when towing. Quickly mounting on your side mirror, the tow mirror instantly adds five to seven and a half inches to your mirror, opening up your view behind your vehicle and minimizing blind spots. Also, because the tow mirror is fully adjustable, it does not merely make your side mirror larger, but it pivots, angles and rotates to give you the perfect view you need to see around that extra-large load and safely tow to your destination.

    The CURT tow mirror is extremely versatile, being able to mount onto any mirror between 4" and 11" tall. This makes it a useful extension for most vans, trucks and SUVs as well as other vehicles if needed. Because of the extended view tow mirror's versatile design and fully articulating head, it can be used on either the driver side or passenger side, whichever is more useful for your towing setup. It can also be positioned vertically or horizontally. For added visibility and safety while towing, the CURT extended view tow mirror is a lifesaver.

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    Product Features

    Fully AdjustableYes
    Instantly Adds5" - 7.5" to mirror
    Fits Mirrors From4" to 11" high
    NotesCompatible with pickup or SUV left or right side mirror; Articulating head allows precise angling; Hinging arm and elastic straps provide easy and secure installation
    BrandCURT Manufacturing

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