CURT Hitch Pin & Clip with Adapter #21561

    CURT Hitch Pin & Clip with Adapter #21561

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    CURT Hitch Pin & Clip with Adapter #21561

    The job of a hitch pin is incredibly important in towing, and for this reason, CURT hitch pins and clips are made to be of the utmost quality, providing you with reliable security for your trailer and cargo. CURT 1/2" hitch pins measure a full half inch in diameter and are constructed from solid steel. This helps ensure they have the strength they need to serve your towing needs. Our 1/2" pins are available in a number of finishes to give you options for your specific vehicle and trailer hitch. CURT hitch pins are also constructed with a 105-degree bend, creating a useful handle for a better grip and allowing the pin to stay securely engaged in the trailer hitch and ball mount.

    This particular swivel hitch pin features an adapter sleeve that allows it to be used in either a 1/2" or 5/8" hole. It comes with a zinc finish and a swivel-type retainer. Instead of using a detachable clip as a retainer, the swivel pin features a metal tab mounted on a hinge on the end of the pin. When the pin is inserted into the receiver tube, the tab can be flipped sideways to keep the pin in place, and when you want to remove it, the tab can be rotated again to allow the pin to easily slide out. Operation is quick and easy, and there is no risk of losing the retainer clip. This swivel hitch pin with adapter provides reliable installation for any ball mount or hitch-mounted accessory with a 1 1/4" or 2" shank, allowing it to fit a variety of trailer hitches.

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    Product Features

    FinishZinc Plated
    Pin Diameter1/2 IN and 5/8 IN
    Receiver Tube Size1 1/4 IN or 2 IN
    NotesAdapter sleeve allows mounting in either 1/2" or 5/8" hole; Permanently attached swivel clip cannot be lost
    BrandCURT Manufacturing

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