CURT Welded D-Ring Ball Mount #45004

    CURT Welded D-Ring Ball Mount #45004

    Price: $38.99

    Code: 45004

    Weight: 11.00 pounds

    CURT Welded D-Ring Ball Mount #45004

    CURT specialty ball mounts are a group of exceptional towing products, built to succeed where others fear to tread. From the back roads of overrun forests to the muddy fields of small town farms, towing looks a little different, and that means different demands on your towing equipment. CURT offers a full lineup of unique ball mounts that are made to tackle the rougher side of towing while still being able to fit a standard 2" x 2" receiver tube.

    The CURT welded D-ring mount features a heavy-duty ball mount platform with a 1" ball hole to accept a large trailer ball. It also comes with a large D-ring welded onto the top to provide a place for straps or hooks to latch on in recovery towing and straight towing applications. When used in the drop position, this specialty ball mount offers 6" of drop and has a gross trailer weight capacity of 7,500 lbs. and a tongue weight capacity of 750 lbs. When used for rise, it offers 4" of rise and has a GTW of 6,000 lbs. and a TW of 600 lbs. Like many of our other specialized ball mounts, we coat the CURT welded D-ring ball mount in a durable gloss black powder coat finish for long-lasting resistance to rust, scratches and UV damage.

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    Product Features

    Ball Hole1 IN
    Drop6 IN
    FinishGloss Black Powder Coat
    GTW/TW Drop7,500 / 750 LB
    GTW/TW Rise6,000 / 600 LB
    Length10 IN
    Receiver Tube Size2 IN
    Rise4 IN
    NotesEquipped with a 1" hole to accept a trailer ball shank
    BrandCURT Manufacturing

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